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  • What is Airwala?

    Airwala is a travel application where user will find Best & Cheapest International air tickets. Our prices are the consolidated airfares which beats anyprice over internet. You can search your tickets and book it instantly. Airwala also serves domestic air ticketing but our prices are at the best in International Travel.

  • What is TravelKarma?

    "TravelKarma" as it says is your Karma for your Travel. Airwala converts your Karma into real money ($). The more is your Karma, the bigger is your cash in hand.

  • How do I get/increase TravelKarma ?

    You can gain & increase your TravelKarma two ways.
    • Simply click "Invite Friends" to invite all your friends from social network and for each signup from your invites you gain 1 Pt.
    • You gain 10 Pts when any of your friends purchase tickets.

  • When is my TravelKarma converted to cash($) ?

    When you reach each reward = 100Pts your TravelKarma is automatically converted to cash.

  • How can I redeem my cash ?

    The current offer allows you to use the cash for any current purchases on Airwala.

  • Why are the flight details hidden?

    Based on agreements with some of our airline partners, fares identified as a "Major US Airlines" and "Major International Airlines" cannot show the airline name, arrival and departure times, or number of stops until after the booking has been completed. To ensure customer satisfaction, when booking a fare indicated as a "Major US Airlines" or "Major International Airlines", Airwala offers our customers one full hour to cancel the reservation for free if not 100% satisfied with the flights and/or times of the booked itinerary.

  • How do I cancel a "Major US Airlines" or "Major International Airlines" type tickets if I don't want it?

    Cancellation of a these special type tickets booking is quick and easy, just call 1-888-866-9303 to talk to one of our agents. They will be able to assist you with your cancellation and will send you an email confirming the cancellation. The cancellation can only be done within a 60 minute time window following the completion of the booking. (Important Note: In some cases following a cancellation, your bank or Credit Card Company may hold the funds associated with the cancelled purchase for 24-72 hours before releasing. This could affect your available purchase balance.)

  • How can I cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your booking within 24hrs from time you submitted your booking on airwala.com. You can do this by calling 888-866-9303 or respond back to the confirmation email you would have received from agent@airwala.com. Past 24hrs from your booking time, you will be unable to cancel your ticket as all the tickets are non-refundable.

  • What are the charges of cancellation?

    Airwala charges no fees ($0) for any cancellation of tickets. Past 24hours of your booking, the tickets are not eligible for cancellation. You will be able to only change the dates on the ticket with a cost as applicable by airlines.

  • How can I change by travel dates after booking?

    You can always change your travel dates after booking. Airwala charges no fees ($0) for any change of tickets. All the charges as per airlines will be applicable. Depending on the type of airlines of your ticket, you will have two type of charges:
    1. Change Penalty: Between $150 - $300
    2. Difference in Fare: Difference between Current Price of your ticket for new dates and the price at which you bought the ticket

  • How can book infants tickets?

    Infant ticket does not have a seat as most of them are lap tickets. After you booked your ticket successfully, you will receive an email confirmation for the same. You just have to respond to that same email with the below infant details as in Passport. Our back office will add the infant to your ticket.
    1. First Name
    2. Middle Name
    3. Last Name
    4. Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
    5. Gender

    "Infant ticket price is avg. of 10% of adult ticket."

  • I am not able to find my confirmation number in airlines site?

    When you book tickets on Airwala, our system takes your booking and submits to airlines to receive an e-ticket which will be emailed to you as a second email. You can use the e-ticket to find booking on airlines website. Until your e-ticket is issued you will not find the booking in airlines website.

  • How can I select seats after booking?

    Once your e-ticket is emailed to you as a second email after confirmation, you will be able to use the airlines reservation number from e-ticket and select your seats, meals and other options directly in airlines website.

  • How do I show how much I love you guys ?

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